Here is where you will find our range of CNC press brakes/bending machines bearing the TRUMPF brand, which we have reconfigured and overhauled technically and visually. We are a specialist for used TRUMPF press brakes and bending machines.

These CNC machines guarantee high-quality and efficient bending of metal sheets. Of course, we also hold a range of second-hand bending tools for sheet metals and general metalworking.

More than 250 used bending machines overhauled are successfully in operation around the world.

A few examples from our range of used TRUMPF press brakes and bending machines:

  • TrumaBend C 120, V 50, V 500, V 85, V 850, V 130, V 1300, V 170, V 1700
  • V 230, V 2300, V 320, V 3200 et
  • TruBend 5050, 5085, 5130, 5170, 5230, 5320
  • TruBend 7036

If you cannot find what you are looking for in our database, we will gladly search for it on your behalf. We look forward to hearing from you.