Dust extraction

The importance of your Extraction System

Your dust extraction system is of the upmost importance for many reasons, for the quality of air your staff breathe, to prevent discolouration of your factory walls and equipment, and to reduce potential risk of fire breaking out as laser dust can be highly flammable.

The RISK of under performing dust extraction

Users are often unaware of the risk to health from the dust particles that come from laser cutting process. The nontoxic particulate matter is inhaled similar to cigarette smoke and can penetrate deep into the respiratory system. Hence, effective air purification is vital for quality of workplace conditions and health protection.

So what do we offer?

  • Tailor made servicing packages to suit your needs and equipment.
  • Spare parts, from full replacement dust filter sets to spare dust bins.
  • Replacement extraction systems.
  • Specialist systems to work with exotic / hazardous materials.
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