Severn Machines Refurbishment Program

Our TRUMPF machine refurbishment program is at the heart of what we do. It is a system that we have built over the years and is still evolving today. The comprehensive checks, rigorous testing and fine attention to detail rewarded us with our official TRUMPF certification. Yearly audits and continual improvement processes keep us pushing the boundaries of refurbishment excellence.

Whether we are refurbishing Lasers, Punching or Bending machines, our extensive refurbishment program goes deep. The refurbishment process is split into key areas, ranging from aesthetic work to advanced technical repairs and adjustments. Each process is tracked and recorded for traceability and completing the cycle to become the best Refurbished TRUMPF machine on the second hand market.

There are many tasks within the refurbishment project, starting even before the machine arrives at our workshop with pre-dismantling checks and expert decommissioning. On arrival to the workshop the machine is sited, levelled and visually checked. The refurbishment program will commence and in excess of 400 man hours and a heavy investment in spare parts will be required to bring the machine back to its original specification..

Some machines in our refurbishment program