Due to ongoing changes in health and safety laws and Working condition rules we would like to bring to your attention one main area that is always overlooked, DUST EXTRACTION.

We here at Severn Machines have been servicing dust extractors on TRUMPF machines for the past 10 years and are amazed how many companies dismiss the yellow walls and roof lines in their factories failing to realize that you, your workforce and visitors are all breathing in this poor quality air.

Time to Act: We can offer you a very simple check over solution whether it’s a Herding, Handte or Keller unit. Our service will offer peace of mind, a much better working environment for us all and more importantly fall in line with industry COSHH regulations.

Service to do list

  • Complete filter removal and clean of unit
  • Purging/cleaning system test
  • Check all Gaskets and seals
  • Spark trap and inlet apertures cleaned
  • Differential pressure check internally and externally

Fire extinguisher to do list

  • All detectors tested (smoke, heat, infrared)
  • Triggering mechanism examined and tested
  • Co2 cylinder weighed for gas loss
  • Battery replacement to assure out of hours monitoring

By carrying out this maintenance check once a year you can create longevity to your filter elements. As the dust you create during the cutting process actually attacks the filter element over time, so the longer the dust stays on the filter element the shorter the life will be.

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