Esterline, Darchem Insulation Systems

The Esterline Engineered Materials platform offers a range of advanced materials, components, and surface-treatment processes engineered specifically for extremes in temperature, vibration, and chemical exposure. Innovative research and development assures a continual flow of next-generation technical and design solutions.

What did Darchem want to achieve?

Darchem wanted to be able to laser cut insulation material on their existing TRUMPF TCL2530 conventionally used for processing steel

What did Severn install?

After R&D we put together a suitable solution consisting of a Herding Delta Comp extraction system fitted with an automatic precoater designed to feed calcium carbonate onto the filter element to help reduce the risk of a fire hazard and to prolong the life of the filter element.

The conclusion

The system was fully integrated and is maintained at regular intervals by filling the extractor hopper up with multi coat to protect the filters from the sticky dust that comes off the material when cut. Darchem use the machine daily to produce components for the aerospace industry and is no longer a job subcontracted out at extra expense.


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